Roads… (new pictures update)

Most of them are busy, bumpy, hole-ridden. Never boring!

I started to drive on current ways (hotel, work, gym, supermarkets, restaurants) keeping my driver as a copilot. It is very very racy! It will undoubtedly take me a good month to be more or less at ease. They use to drive extremely badly, not quickly, because of the pitiful state of all the roads (not maintained from 10 years, giant holes filled with water, half-ground, like there had been a war, out of order traffic lights, seldom lines and pavements). Hardest part, for me, is the total absence of signs of direction, streets, districts, sites, hotels, priorities, dangers etc. My driver told me that they have been stolen and sold as scrap metal (everything has a value in Africa :-)).

One should see it to believe it! In order not to get lost, I try hard to memorize well-known spots; gas stations, garages, crossroads, hotels, ads etc. At night, I can’t describe to you the level of difficulty since the streets have poor electric lights  (when it is the case). You feel like being within a video game!

Their favorite expression about driving is « In Ivory Coast, you drive for the others !»


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