HHH Adiopodoume (Dabou Road) Saturday November 13th 2010

Following last week rainy Hash (2 hours under a tropical rain, it was pouring cats and dogs..), this one was sweet. Meeting at Ivorian Catholic boy scouts house “Maison Carrée”, warm weather, nice trail, all OK.

On the way home, 10mn from the Hash on Dabou road, a big truck with its container had fallen flat perpendicular to the road, leaving only room for a single car to drive through (on its side). As Dabou road is the coast main drive to San Pedro, it is usually pretty crowded, so we waited about 40mn to get away from the traffic jam.. Yes, we are in Africa.

Monday is off in IVC (National Peace Day) following by Muslim feast Tabaski / Aîd-El- Kébir (Feast of Sacrifice) on Tuesday, off as well!

Next week, I will be in the bush again, following the cocoa loop up in the country until San Pedro, the week after will be a visit in Ghana. See you guys!


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