Sunday October 31, Election day

To close the crisis some 5.7 million people from Ivory Coast are called today for this poll and must decide between 14 candidates, including three tenors of the politics of the Ivory Coast, for the first time opposite: Laurent Gbagbo outgoing president, 65 years, IVC president since 2000 despite of the end of its mandate in 2005, ex-chief of State Henri Konan Bédié, 76 years, and former Prime Minister Alassane Ouattara, 68 years. The election is supposed to close the open crisis by the coup d’état of 1999 and worsened by the missed putsch of 2002, which involved a war and the partition of this French ex-colony a long time given in example for its stability and its “miracle” economy. Independent electoral commission (CEI) legally has till Wednesday 5PM (72 hours after) to proclaim the provisional results but it wishes to give them on Monday. A possible second round would be held theoretically in two weeks (November 28th).

Before the opening of the poll at 7AM, in Abidjan and in Bouaké (center), electors flowed and queued in front of the polling stations, which must close at 5PM today. At Port-Bouët district (South Abidjan) a long queue was formed from 5AM in front of the office.

8.000 Blue Berets for some 20.000 polling stations, this Sunday for the so much awaited presidential election. The equation is simple. There will not be a soldier of UNO in each polling station. And essentially, the security of the vote will be guaranteed by the forces of the Ivory Coast themselves

I’m staying 2 days at home.


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