Assinie Friday October 29th, non-working public holiday (distribution of voter cards)

Before the elections, we enjoy a relaxing stay at African Queen Lodge at Assinie (80 KM East from Abidjan). View across the lagoon is beautiful and there is a shuttle motorboat to take you across to the beach. I wanna come back!

Saw the old Club Med where French movie « Les Bronzés » (1978) was shot. Not really my kind of films, “French Fried Vacation” is the English title…

Read in a past “The Economist” of June:

“Overall, the number without homes is staggering. The number of homeless veterans of the Vietnam war is greater than the number who died in it.”

“MAN is born free but is everywhere in debt. In the rich world, getting hold of your first credit card is a rite of passage far more important for your daily life than casting your first vote. Buying your first home normally requires taking on a debt several times the size of your annual income. And even if you shun the temptation of borrowing to indulge yourself, you are still saddled with your portion of the national debt.”



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