October 23rd Hash at Rubber trees plantation CCP Alépé

Shopping in the morning, to stock food and water to be self sufficient for a safe week at home during the elections (that’s the procedure). I brought back home staple stuff (rice, pasta, gallons of water, peanut butter and bread, sauces, canned beef and fish, wine and beers).

Saturday Hash in the afternoon at Plantation Compagnie de Caoutchouc du Pakidié Alépé (North East Abidjan, next to lagune Aguien). The plantation is pretty enormous, since rubber trees growing is a good cash cow for land owners; regular rent (no main crop as cocoa farming), growing demand for automobile/planes tires, competitive vs high petroleum prices, don’t require high technical skills and is low labor intensive.

Dinner of poulet braise atiéké at a maquis, one of my favorite Abidjan’s dishes. Marie Colette, native from Cameroun, always warmly welcome us as loyal clients. There, you can find several “exotic” African and Cameroun’s specialties: snake, viper, hippopotamus, big snails, deer, hedgehog, agouti, more seldom rats (wild from the bush), dogs, cats… Eaten with fingers of course!


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