New house (next door..)

I move to the adjacent house, slightly larger with a better-furnished kitchen (I like cooking). Private security agency team passed by to install emergency buttons and I was given pieces of advice about security. Flash manager is half Greek half… Swiss! From Lausanne! Where is was born, could you picture that!? Rather seldom to meet Swiss folks here. Security is no picnic in this country, principally during the elections. Apart within so-called precarious districts, I never feel unsecured but one should be cautious. As long as I remember, I really felt in danger in LA or in other locations in the US where you can buy guns in supermarkets and methamphetamine is the breakfast of champions…

It has been a month I am in IVC, time passes too fast! I begin to “tropicalyse myself”, that’s the funny expression I heard about expats that finally get used to the circumstances (constant heat and humidity, insects, poverty, dirtiness, cops, riots, traffic jams, diseases and various infections). Hope fun will last. I will write about Ivorian expressions on a next post, promise, they are so hilarious.

I can’t prevent myself from thinking about “Voyage au bout de la nuit”, especially the part where Ferdinand Bardamu travels in colonial Africa (for those who have an inclination for Céline).


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