3rd day in the bush

Alépé, East Abidjan, visit of a cooperative that is beginning to produces UTZ certified cocoa. They expect to get certified for the crop year 2010/2011. We were invited to a ceremony and after that to share a lunch/dinner (4PM) with the local vice governor! In his colonial house! Uphill in the middle of his locality. We ate a range of typical Ivorian dishes; Foutou with eggplant dressing (sauce aubergines) and braised chicken (poulet braisé) with atiéké (grated cassava/manioc). Last visit of a co-op at Bonoua (near Grand Bassam) late in the afternoon before driving back to Abidjan.

That was 3 awesome days 🙂

“A better price for a better product”. The UTZ code of conduct includes: no child labor, access to education, responsible use of agrochemicals, no deforestation, producer training on good agricultural practices and post-harvest handling, internal control system, inspections and traceability.

Policy on pricing: farmers get a price “premium” on UTZ certified cocoa beans. Premium that reflects the extra price paid for certified cocoa compared to non-certified.

Responsible and sustainable cocoa production is, I believe, the future for IVC, farmers as well as consumers and I encourage you to have a look at the UTZ logo in supermarkets (chocolate Frey at Migros for instance!).

For more information please visit: http://www.utzcertified.org/cocoa


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